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Back in 2014, Clover introduced its cornerstone device, the Station. Since then, well over 500,000 different Clover models have been placed in US businesses, and 5 additional device types have been added to the Clover lineup (Mini, Mobile, Flex, and 2 GO devices).
Which Clover device is right for your business? It depends on your industry and where and when you process transactions.

Do you run a small brick-and-mortar shop?  

Then we suggest starting out small and working your way up the Clover line! It’s the small business way.
Clover Mini is here to help you with the daily pulse of customers and card transactions. It’s compact, it’s powerful, it’s beautiful; it’s also easy to operate with a big, bright touch screen.
You can easily customize your device with apps for accounting, inventory, marketing, and whatever else your business needs. If your business grows and you’d like to add a cash register or multiple networked devices, that’s easily done with the Mini.
Another highlight: we offer the Clover Mini on FREE placement to our merchants.

Are you mobile? Do you need 3G/Wifi? 

If you need to bust long lines or scan inventory in your store, or have a semi-mobile operation like a food truck, then Clover has two great hand-held, portable devices:
1) The Clover Flex is Clover’s smallest full-featured, portable device. With its built-in receipt printer, scanner, and EMV/NFC readers, the Clover Flex delivers ultimate flexibility in a payment device.
2) If you’re looking for something that’s built for speed, then the Clover Mobile is for you. The Mobile is easy to hold and has a large screen making it great for line busting or taking transactions out in the open air.
Once again, both of these devices are offered on FREE Placement here at Titan.

If you’re mobile and don’t want to carry a device…

Maybe you want Clover’s great features, but have no room in your car or mobile display for a bulky device. Then the Clover GO is what you need.
The two tiny GO models allow you to connect to a smartphone or tablet via Bluetooth or headphone jack. It offers payment capabilities and security which are of the same industrial strength as our larger Clover devices. You just need to deliver your own smart phone or tablet.

Both GO devices are on FREE placement at Titan.

Did you need a personal assistant?

If you’re looking for a sleek design and the most intelligent business software, the Clover Station is what you want. It’s designed to be the backbone of any major operation.
Make payments, track inventory, manage time sheets, run extensive reports, and more. With four USB ports, you can connect necessary POS components or network multiple devices and run your large business efficiently.
Want more information? Contact us now to find out how to get the lowest processing rates and free equipment.