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Some small business owners may feel that PCI compliance is simply an additional monthly cost of doing business with no real merchant benefits.

What about you?

Titan Merchant Services feels so strongly about the importance of PCI in small businesses that we offer to waive PCI fees if you complete a simple Questionnaire.

But right now we want to introduce to you 3 more immediate and marketable benefits of being PCI compliant.

#1 Customers Will Trust You

Merchants need to demonstrate that they genuinely care about their customer’s personal information. Through ensuring a high standard of security, your business will have a better reputation with customers.

With a better reputation comes more repeat and new customers.

In addition, as a merchant that is PCI compliant, you are able to put a trusted seal on your business’ website to let all of your customers know that you uphold their data to the highest level of industry security standards.

#2 PCI Protects Your Image

Upholding a high level of security reduces the chances of credit card fraud and data breaches. This allows merchants to protect their relationships with loyal customers, suppliers, and partners.

If a data breach were to occur due to non-compliance, this would lead your partners feeling as if their personal information is not safe in your care. They might take their business elsewhere and your business or brand could face irreparable damage.

#3 PCI Protects You From Fines

PCI isn’t just about your business’ image in the local community. In the event of a data breach or other fraudulent activity, if you are not PCI compliant, you may be held liable to fines and penalties.

Non-compliance fees (decided by banks and credit card institutions) can start at $5,000.

Some credit card institutions may impose a timeline of increasing fines, a fee for each cardholder data that was compromised, and/or a suspension of credit card acceptance.

Avoid all this and the potential civil litigation from breached customers by meeting the simple standards of PCI!


Don’t get overwhelmed at the thought of having to learn the ins-and-outs of digital security and online firewalls just to do business and process cards.

At Titan Merchant Services, we want to help you process cards simply and safely. Through training and available online resources, we make sure that our merchants’ data is protected by following PCI DSS standards.

We offer PCI compliant credit card machines for FREE, and we waive the PCI fee after our merchants finish the PCI Compliance Self-Assessment Questionnaire.

Want to learn more about Titan or card industry standards?

Keep reading through our blog or contact us right now to find out how to get the lowest processing rates and free equipment with NO PCI fee.