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If you own a gas station or work in one, you will be aware that the EMV deadline for merchants is passed. Originally scheduled for 30th October 2020, it was pushed back to 17th of April of 2021 in light of the COVID-19 pandemic. Short for Europay/Master/Visa payments, installing EMV card readers at your gas station is not compulsory. However if you fail to upgrade you will be fully liable for any credit card fraud losses your station experiences. Whether you are a small local station, or one situated in a major city, the EMV requirement applies.

Why Do Gas Stations Need EMV Card Readers?

Credit card fraud has been on the rise in gas stations, with many fraudsters tempted by the low risk and high rewards. Installing EMV card readers can solve this problem – how? Traditional card payment terminals do not come with chip card readers, which means that fraud can easily happen, costing your station a pretty penny in chargebacks. A chargeback happens when a customer commits fraud, and the credit card company requires the retailer to reimburse them the price of this fraudulent amount. This is something gas stations want to avoid at all costs as it can add up to a large sum over time.
Even though EMV compliance is now mandatory, many gas stations are hesitant about installing EMV card readers. There are multiple reasons for this, the most common amongst them being a high initial EMV upgrade cost and the reluctance to change a system that has been “working”. Your gas station may not have experienced card fraud yet or to a large degree, but that’s not to say it will never happen in future. To this end, Titan Merchant Services has partnered with Sound Easy Pump to provide an affordable and effective EMV solution for gas stations.

Features of Sound Easy Pump

If the fear of constant future upgrades and high initial costs have been putting you off from installing EMV card readers, Sound Easy Pump is the perfect EMV solution for you. Here’s why:

  • Business owners are not required to purchase new pumps or close stations
  • Low initial cost
  • Compatible with all major processors and platforms
  • Secure and compliant with all EMV requirements
  • Flexible to accommodate future upgrades and innovations

Please note that your gas station must have a Wi-Fi connection for Sound Easy Pump to be installed.

Work with Titan Merchant Services to Install Sound Easy Pump for Your Gas Station

Titan Merchant Services is pleased to be working with Sound Payments to offer the perfect EMV compliance solution for gas stations: Sound Easy Pump. Able to be fitted over your current system, Sound Easy Pump is not only cost-effective, it works effectively and efficiently. Accepting EMV, magnetic stripe and contactless payments directly at the pump, you can dispel your worries about expensive upgrades or long downtimes when you choose to install Sound Easy Pump for your gas station.
If you have any questions about EMV compliance for gas stations or Sound Easy Pump, please feel free to contact us at Titan Merchant Services.