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NFC, or “near field communication” technology, is making waves throughout the payment industry. By 2020, it is estimated that NFC transactions will surpass a $300 billion payment volume in the United States alone.

Do you know how an NFC transaction works?

NFC is a very simple tech that allows two objects to communicate small bits of data in a close-range without a long pairing process.

So here is where credit card transactions come in. . .

An in-person credit card transaction used to require a card swipe. A process with several steps for both the customer and person behind the register.

Now with NFC, a simple “tap” between a mobile device/card and a payment terminal is all that’s needed. It’s quick, secure, and becoming a more preferred payment type for many customers who use mobile wallets.

Leather wallets are so 20th century. . .

People are coming to accept living in a completely digital world. The proof is in the expansion and popularity of mobile wallets.

A mobile wallet carries the payment ability of your debit or credit card, all in a digitally encrypted smart device like phones, wearable tech (watches and watch bands), and tablets.

You’ve most likely heard of Apple Pay®, Android Pay™ and Samsung Pay. These are some of the biggest names pioneering the digital wallet frontier. Now, more and more people are accepting this as a permanent and mainstream method of payment.

Start accepting NFC transactions in your business?

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