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Clover’s technology is an all-in-one system that goes beyond being a terminal and POS system. Coming with over three hundred apps that can be customized to fit the unique needs of each small business, Clover enables businesses to track inventory and sales, manage employees and more. Instead of having to learn how to operate many different software systems, with Clover, you only have to learn how to use the one software! On top of that, Clover is extremely user-friendly and business owners do not need to have extensive technical knowledge in order to use it.

What are the Benefits of Clover?

  • Accepts a wide range of payment options from magnetic strip to EMV cards to mobile payment options such as Apple Pay.
  • Strong security system to prevent fraud and liability issues while protecting sensitive data.
  • Comes with cloud storage, enabling you to access your data anytime, anywhere.
  • Comes in five different models to suit your needs and ensure scalability as your business grows.

Types of Clover Technology

Clover comes in five different stylish and compact models. In descending order of size, we tell you more about each one below:

  • Clover Station: The largest option, Clover Station serves as a countertop POS system, cutting out the need for multiple registers, scanners, terminals and more. With the option to connect printers and cash drawers, do it all with the Clover Station
  • Clover Mini: Businesses that do not have a large countertop space may opt for the Clover Mini instead. Able to function solely as a terminal or be equipped with POS capabilities, the Clover Mini is a versatile option for businesses.

  • Clover Flex: A hand-held device that allows employees to process payments from anywhere, Clover Flex is popular with restaurants for this reason. Customers do not have to leave their seats to make payment as the Clover Flex serves as a POS system with a built-in printer and scanner and accepts electronic signatures.

  • Clover GO: Fitting in the palm of your hand, Clover GO is an all-in-one card chip, strip and mobile pay reader than can sync directly with all your other Clover devices.

Get Started with Clover at Titan Merchant Services

Are you looking for an all-in-one POS solution that comes with all the capabilities of your cash register, card reader, printer, scanner and more? Or are you simply looking to upgrade your existing terminal to EMV compatibility? Whatever it is, Titan Merchant Services has a solution for you with Clover technology. From countertop to hand-held devices, we have the perfect solution to suit the unique needs of your business. What’s more, the scalability of Clover technology means that you can always upgrade the features of your system as your business grows.

If you have any inquiries about our Clover systems or would like a recommendation, please feel free to contact us today.