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In a bid to bring up profits following the devastation of COVID-19, more and more businesses are using mobile readers with dashboards. This is attributed to the trend towards touch-free online payment methods, reducing the need for contact between staff and customer and consequently, the risk of transmission. With a mobile reader, businesses can easily accept payments from contactless debit and credit cards as well as e-wallets, turning phones into a mobile POS (mPOS) system. In this article, we explain why you need to use mobile readers post COVID-19.

How Do Mobile POS Systems Work?

Mobile POS systems work by attaching a reader to a mobile or tablet device, transforming it into a POS. Often, there is an associated app that allows merchants to issue receipts, view sales data and more. Mobile readers are convenient and affordable, being compatible with most Apple and Android devices.

Benefits of Mobile POS Systems

You may be thinking that since your business already has a POS system, there is no need to get a mobile reader. If you think that way, you could be missing out on the below benefits:

  • Accept payments anywhere: COVID-19 has seen an increase in customers opting for delivery services, particularly when it comes to ready-to-eat food. With a mobile reader, you can instantly transform your device into a POS system and accept payment from anywhere. This includes any roadshows or promotional events you may hold in future.
  • Look up customer information instantly: With a mobile reader, you can instantly access customer information, providing them as and when necessary. For instance, if your business makes use of a loyalty program, you can immediately check if the customer has any points or discounts owing to them and make the necessary changes to their payment.
  • Enhanced customer service: Having your sales data at your fingertips is hugely advantageous when it comes to improving customer service. All your inventory information is just a click of a button away. If a customer comes in looking for a certain product your outlet does not have, simply find out whether it is available in another outlet or the warehouse and direct them to where they can get it.
  • Faster checkout process: When you make use of mobile POS systems, every staff member can check out purchases. This duty is no longer limited to just counter staff, reducing long waits in queues which customers do not appreciate, especially when COVID-19 is still a risk.

Work with Titan Merchant Services for Mobile Readers and POS Systems

If you are looking to get mobile readers and POS systems for your business, Titan Merchant Services can devise a personalized payment plan for you. When you engage our services, we take the time to listen to the unique needs of your business – your goals, your mission and vision – before recommending the most suitable POS system for you. We offer the most competitive prices and are completely transparent with our pricing plans, which has earned us the trust of many clients nationwide.
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