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Titan Merchant Services Announces Revolutionary Rebrand to Empower Businesses with Advanced Processing, Savings, and Growth Opportunities

[Stockton, CA, November 27, 2023] – After 25 years of leading the merchant services industry, Titan Merchant Services proudly unveils a transformative rebrand. From our Stockton, California headquarters, we’re poised to revolutionize business payments! We are now empowering you, our valued small and mid-size partners across the US, with cutting-edge processing tools, substantial savings, and explosive growth opportunities.

Revolutionizing Your Payment Experience

In our rebranding efforts, we’re focusing on equipping you with the latest and most versatile payment solutions. We empower you to confidently navigate any transaction, from taking payments across the counter to expanding your reach globally. Committed to cost-effectiveness, we’re offering a complimentary equipment placement program to alleviate the financial burden of acquiring payment terminals.

Empowering Your Business with Substantial Savings 

We understand the financial challenges you face. That’s why our new brand identity introduces flexible savings options. Our innovative Wholesale+ pricing and Save-As-You-Grow program are designed to grow with your business, linking your financial savings directly to your success. Our new Dual Pricing & Cash Discount programs aim to help eliminate 100% of processing fees, freeing up more cash flow for you to reinvest in your business.

Catalyzing Your Growth and Expansion

At the heart of our rebranding is our commitment to fostering your long-term growth. Through customer-centric programs like loyalty rewards, gift cards, customer financing, and business financing options, we’re here to help you build strong customer relationships and increase your footfall. If you’re looking to expand, we’re ready with accessible financing solutions.

A Commitment to Partnership and Innovation

Nick Showkat, our CEO, states, “Our rebranding is a testament to our unwavering commitment to you, our clients. We’re not just changing our look; we’re reinforcing our pledge to be relentless in enhancing our services and solutions. When you choose Titan, you’re choosing a partner dedicated to your growth and success.”

About Us

For over a quarter of a century, we at Titan Merchant Services have stood as a beacon of innovation and support in the merchant services arena. Our mission is to offer transparent, customer-centric services that empower businesses like yours not just to survive but to thrive in today’s dynamic market.

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We invite you to join us on this transformative journey. With Titan Merchant Services, your business’s potential for growth and success knows no bounds.