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Most people think of credit card terminals when POS systems are mentioned, however, the truth is that POS systems today incorporate a whole variety of smart functions. From cloud systems to instore kiosks, there is no end to the possibilities when you decide to onboard with POS systems. The best part is that POS systems can help to generate valuable insights that can go towards increasing sales. In this article, we show you how that is achieved.

Anticipate Customer Demand and Inventory Needs

When customers check out with POS systems, inventory is automatically updated. This is particularly useful during the holiday season when you have to get your inventory just right. If you stock too little of a product that is flying off the shelves, customers can easily head to a competitor to purchase theirs. If you stock too much of a product nobody is buying, it can eat into your profit margins.
With POS systems, you can easily obtain data into which products are popular with customers and which are not selling, helping you make informed decisions about which items to order. The opposite is true as well: if a product is not selling well, evict it from your inventory for good.

Analyze Which Promotions Are Most Popular

You most likely already run regular promotions in your store, such as 10% off on Mondays or buy one get one free with a particular item. Which of these promotions do your customers like best? One easy way of finding out is through the data in your POS system. When customers check out, the applicable promotion is applied automatically. With this data, you can easily figure out which promotions are the most popular and capitalize on them to increase sales.

Enable A Great Customer Experience

If you ever had a bad experience while paying at a particular store, chances are, it did not leave a good impression on you. Maybe the cashier keyed in the wrong item or the cash register took a long time to respond. With smart and effective POS systems, you no longer have to worry about leaving a negative impression on customers when it comes to paying. Quick transaction times and a fast-moving queue will soon be the new norm in your store, improving customer experience and thereby increasing sales.

Work with Titan Merchant Services for POS Systems

Are you looking for a personalized payment solution for your business? If so, Titan Merchant Services is up to the challenge. Before recommending the best POS systems for you, we take time to listen to the unique needs of your business – your goals, mission and vision. We offer the most competitive rates alongside being completely transparent with our pricing plans and not tying clients down with long-term contracts. This has earned us the trust of many merchants nationwide, and our goal is to earn yours, too.
If you have any inquiries about our POS systems for businesses, please feel free to contact us today.