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When shopping, people browse to find what fits their needs best. The same can be done for finding the right point-of-sale system for your business.
Titan can help you purchase the perfect POS for your business. We can even offer you certain devices on FREE PLACEMENT!

So, let’s start!

Are you looking for a specific feature? 

If your business is looking for analytics, bookkeeping, or even sales reporting solutions, you may want to consider a more advanced POS system.
Titan’s current favorite, is the top-of-the-line computerized Clover POS System, like the Clover Station, Mobile, Flex, or Mini. Processing on a Clover device is almost like hiring a personal assistant who has a hand in every department.

Need help with inventory? 

Clover POS can help you keep track of your inventory and bookkeeping functions in a quick, easy, and efficient way.
Clover’s on-device barcode scanner updates your inventory as soon as an item is purchased. And you can stay on top of your inventory by programming alerts when you’re running low on a product.
If you are away from your location, you can still track business with an online dashboard.

Want to stay organized? 

You no longer have to spend time crunching numbers and sorting through a sea of receipts.

With just a few simple clicks, you can find out how much of any particular product has sold, which products sell best, what time of day your business is most active, and how you compare to other businesses in your area.

Clover POS can give you daily, weekly, or monthly sales reports that can be accessed on your device or online from anywhere, making it easier for you to track your sales trends and forecast your future income.

How can we help you find your best fit?

At Titan, The Clover Mini, Mobile, and Flex devices are all on FREE Terminal placement. The Clover Station requires a purchase. The cost for Clover software and additional peripherals might seem intimidating, but if chosen wisely, the right device will may pay for itself in a few months.
If your business doesn’t need help with features like analytics, reporting or inventory, consider one of our many FREE placement standalone terminals.
Want more information? Keep reading through our blog or contact us now to find out how to get the lowest processing rates and free equipment.