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Is your business suffering from a “silent problem?” If you are not offering customer financing, you may have a problem that you are not even aware of. Your current and potential customers may not tell you that they need or could benefit from an option like financing to purchase your product. Not all customer financing solutions are the same. Some people don’t want to deal with the steps involved in getting qualified—but TITAN can change how your business and customers view financing.

High-ticket items are often hard to sell, especially if customers don’t have the extra funds in their budget at the time they visit your site or store. Often, it is this item or service that you depend on for higher profit margins within your business—if you aren’t selling, you aren’t earning.

This is where the concept of buying now and paying later—not to be confused with credit—comes into the picture. Customer financing programs make it possible to sell these bigger ticket items and help your business obtain customers they may have been missing out on. How does all of this work, though? What is a customer financing program? Why do you need it? And how exactly can TITAN Fund & Pay benefit your business in the future?

What is a Customer Financing Program?

A customer financing program is a type of payment plan. The plan allows the customer to finance the purchase of an item or service and spread out the payments. This is most common for high-ticket items. Generally speaking, high-ticket items and services cost over $1,000. Businesses selling high-ticket products or services often lose out on customers who are unable to pay upfront. Therein lies the value in allowing customers to pay over time.

The concept of a customer financing program is not a new one. There are companies and businesses whose entire strategy revolves around a customer’s inability to purchase high-ticket items without the option of paying over a period of time. However, the customer financing that we are offering is unique and not limited to a catalog.

Why Are Customers Turning to Customer Financing Options?

The idea of buying now and paying later is growing in popularity. It is estimated that the market will reach $680 billion in transaction volume worldwide by 2025. Customer financing has been around for decades, but the COVID-19 pandemic has increased demand. Customers—and merchants—are seeking alternative forms of financing.

Here are seven reasons why customers want these types of payment options:



  • To avoid paying high interest on credit cards
  • To make a purchase that would not otherwise fit into their budget
  • To borrow money without a hard credit inquiry
  • Do not like using a credit card
  • Are unable to get approved for traditional credit cards
  • Have maxed out credit cards
  • Do not have a bank account

Need proof that the market has exploded? Globally, the buy now, pay later industry was valued at $285 billion in 2018. During the forecast period ending 2025, it is set to grow at a compound annual growth rate of 13.23%!

Do You Need a Direct to Customer Financing Program?

Are you a merchant whose business would benefit from a customer financing program? TITAN Fund & Pay Financing is perfect if you have are:

  • A merchant with high-ticket products or services where customers may need a pay-over-time solution
  • A service-oriented merchant where customers get value over time
  • A merchant that takes orders too large to accommodate with a direct-to-merchant funded financing
  • An early stage company or small business that does not have the staff to support a direct-funded financing program

Explore the Benefits of Offering Customer Financing Programs

What if you could increase your orders by 30%? Offering a buy-now, pay-over-time solution is a proven way to increase sales and capture more customers. It’s possible that adding a customer financing program could help businesses that are struggling to convert leads for high-ticket items. When customers cannot pay for the item upfront, having a pay-over-time solution creates the avenue needed to facilitate the purchase.

As a business, if you find yourself losing customers to the competition because they offer to finance and you don’t, it might be time to look at implementing a solution of your own. Finding a customer financing solution that allows you to provide more options to your customers can help with retention and conversion. What can you do to stop losing customers and outsmart the “silent problem” that so many businesses face?

Offer Better Customer Financing Programs

The TITAN Fund & Pay Customer Financing Program changes how businesses and their customers look at traditional financing. Fund & Pay options include the Direct-to-Customer option and Direct-to-Merchant options, which are easily secured using the applicant’s mobile device.

This program works through a partnership with SweetPay, a technology-based platform.

Direct to Customer: How It Works

Here is the process for our Fund & Pay Customer Financing Program:

  • A merchant directs their customer (via web, text, invoice, email, QR code, etc.) to a SINGLE application, which can be filled out right on their mobile device. A soft credit pull is run—which will not affect the customer’s credit score.
  • The customer completes a brief application and receives instant approval offers from multiple network lenders.
  • The customer chooses the offer they would like to proceed with. The merchant is notified of the approval and loan status. They complete the transaction, and in one to three days, the customer walks out with the product in hand.

Direct to Customer Loan Rates

The customer finance platform directly connects to multiple banks and lending institutions covering all credit spectrums – from super-prime (740+) to sub-prime (520+) FICO scores. Financing options range from $1,000 to $10,000. APRs are as low as 5.94% with terms of up to 144 months.

Signing up for TITAN Fund & Pay Customer Financing is easy to do — and when you sign up for direct to customer financing today, you get:

  • The $399 setup fee waived
  • Simple training video
  • Hands-off program management
  • 0% merchant discount

Let your customer be in control of their purchases while you stay in control of your budget. The best part? There is no recurring fee for taking part in the program, and no special equipment is needed. As a merchant, you get more conversions and bigger profits — only with TITAN Fund & Pay.

TITAN Fund & Pay makes customer financing a no brainer and a no painer

Offer 0%/No Interest Promotions — Direct to Merchant Financing

TITAN plans to offer 0%/No Interest promotions for those who qualify. There are some terms and conditions that will apply. This promotion will be available for those with prime and near-prime credit scores and follows a specific schedule. The 0% interest term will be for a 6 or 12 month period, after which the Go-To rate is applied.

  • 6 month 0% interest
  • 12 month 0% interest

Get Direct to Merchant Funding

The sooner you set up your TITAN merchant account, the sooner you will be on your way to earning revenue for your business. You can use TITAN’s Fund & Pay options to help your business get those customers you keep missing out on. The process is simple — and you can start growing your customer base ASAP.

Buy-now-pay-later solutions often require a direct to merchant setup fee of $299, but if you sign up for TITAN Fund & Pay direct to merchant financing using this link, we will provide you with the tools you need to start boosting your business AT NO COST TO YOU!

Why This Helps You as the Merchant

TITAN has always been known for being a payment processor that provides the best value in credit card processing at the lowest costs. We believe in providing merchants with the best — empowering them to boost their sales and gain an edge on their competition.

Merchants get to keep 100% of their sales and pay nothing to finance the transaction. We provide this solution at no cost to merchants who deal with $1,000 or more in high tickets. This means that TITAN waives the typical Direct to Customer Funding setup fee of $399 and the Direct to Merchant Funding set up fee of $299.

As a merchant, you also get:

  • No Paperwork
  • 100% Digital
  • Keep 100% of the Sales
  • Easy to Qualify
  • No Minimums
  • No Long Term Contracts
  • No Early Termination Fees

Available TITAN Fund & Pay Financing Options

Financing isn’t always as cut and dry as we would hope for it to be. Some industries require a higher level of financing than others. For example, buying a set of tires would cost less than re-shingling a roof, and the financing options would need to reflect this.

Remember the loan terms for the direct to customer loans? For home improvement loans (like re-shingling a roof), the term was 144 months (12 years). For all other loans, it was only 84 months (7 years).

How Does TITAN Benefit?

With both of our customer financing options, it looks like we are practically giving away our services. So it is only logical that you might wonder how we benefit from the financing relationship. We’ve partnered with financial institutions to bring funding to your customers. Those institutions pay us a small commission for providing them with customers who will use their products.

With our Fund & Pay Customer Financing, we are proud that merchants of all shapes and sizes can finally provide customer financing without eating into their bottom line.

TITAN Solutions Help Merchants Plan For The Future

By now, you should be convinced that implementing TITAN Fund & Pay Customer Financing into your current business infrastructure is beneficial to the growth of your business and your revenue. However, if you are still uncertain, we want to point out the special offer we have right now — but you have to act quickly. Sign up using this link and we’ll waive all setup fees for your merchant account. That’s right! You get everything you need to start accepting transactions from customers (a $299/$399 value) for free.

Don’t forget, TITAN Merchant Services is not just a customer financing solution, but a total payment solution for your business. We make taking payments, earning revenue, and increasing your conversion rates simple and stress-free. From zero-fee credit card processing to our new Fund & Pay options, your business will have a full arsenal at hand to make the customer experience that much better.

Why not see see for yourself why more merchants choose TITAN to help them grow their business. Fill out the form below and one of our payment experts will reach out to you.

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