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Payments Anywhere On Premises

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Payments Anywhere

Offer greater convenience to customers by allowing them to pay at the counter, at the table, or anywhere else in the store!

Clover Station Duo (Includes Clover Mini) = Retail
& Services & Quick-Service Dining
Faster checkouts with the all-in-one POS

All-In-One POS


1 for you, 1 for them
Make checkout faster by providing your customers a touch screen at the counter & integrate with new devices for pay-at-the-table & curbside.


Brains & beauty
Impress clients with attractive hardware. With access to over 200 apps to run your business, you will also have the software needed in this all-in-one system.


Accept every payment type
Give customers the ability to pay they way they want. Credit, debit, swipe, dip, tap, mobile wallets and more.


Management heaven
Whether its managing employees or building loyalty with your customers, you can manage it all in this all-in-one POS.

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DejaPayPro O2
DejaPayPro O2 for Retail, Services, Food Trucks, Restaurant & Quick-Service Dining
All-in-One Portable POS

All-In-One POS


Cloud based
Get real-time data access and remote management, allowing you to seamlessly monitor sales, inventory, and customer interactions from anywhere


Software that saves
Drastically reduce your processing fees with a pricing structure that rewards your customers for paying in cash with programs like cash discount, dual pricing or a compliant surcharging program.


Online and offline processing
Experience uninterrupted sales processing and data capture, ensuring continuity for your business even in the absence of internet connectivity.


As flexible as you need
Can be used with any number of Dejavoo terminals as well as tablets, allowing servers to give the best possible service to customers at the table.

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Small & Smart POS


Clover Mini = Compact, Sleek, Powerful POS


Easy checkout
Large 8” touch screen for you and your customers to complete orders, take payments, choose receipt delivery, and not take up all the counterspace.


Integrates with other Clover devices to build a complete system to accept payments anywhere in-store


Full-featured tools
Keep track of inventory, sales, employee shifts, timecards, and more.


Build loyalty
Manage fun loyalty and rewards programs to drive customers back to you instead of to your competition.

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Poynt smart terminal for retail stores, restaurants, cafes seeking an innovative and versatile POS solution
Fast, contactless, and stylish payment processing


App-enhanced retail excellence
Have everything you need right at your fingertips with the Poynt 5: Payments, inventory, price lookup, loyalty and training—all in one beautiful device!


Seamless mobility and unmatched flexibility
Effortlessly scan and process customer purchases, whether they’re waiting in line, browsing the aisles, or enjoying the outdoors.


Cloud powered device management
Keep an eye on your assets’ health from one central location, ensuring everything runs smoothly and efficiently.


Security At Every Turn
Enjoy peace of mind with OS level threat monitoring, physical and logical security, and Point to Point Encryption (P2PE) to surpass PCI standards.

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Clover Flex = All-in-One Portable POS System

Pay-at-the table, in-line, curbside & delivery


Accept payments from more places. Connects through Wifi or 4G for fast payments and 100% mobility.


Pair it
Keep it as a standalone or pair it with other Clover devices to cover all the corners of your business where you need to accept payments.


Smart Technology
5” touchscreen, a built-in camera, printer, and barcode scanner for tableside ordering, inventory and payments.


Smart tools
Manage inventory, sales, employee timecards, customer engagements and more.

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VL110 for Pay-at-the table, in-line, curbside & delivery
Pay At The Table Made Simple

Pay-at-the table, in-line, curbside & delivery


Powerful Portability
Take control from anywhere with the VL110—a compact powerhouse that empowers you to serve customers on the move, process transactions with finesse, and manage your business with unparalleled flexibility.


Stay Connected Anywhere
Seamless GPRS/4G and Wi-Fi Connectivity keeps you linked to your business operations in real-time, ensuring transactions flow smoothly and your business is always on track.


Big Screen, Bigger Possibilities
Immerse yourself in efficiency with the VL110’s large scale touch screen display. Easily navigate transactions, access key data, and make informed decisions, all at your fingertips for an intuitive and streamlined experience.


Sign and Settle, Anywhere You Are
Capture signatures and enable seamless tableside payments with the VL110. Enhance customer convenience by allowing them to complete transactions right at their table, making every experience smooth and hassle-free.

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VP500 for restaurants and QSR
Enabling the Future of Payments

Pay-at-the table, in-line, curbside & delivery


Unleash possibilities with Android
Familiar smartphone-like capabilities enhance the customer experience while empowering you to modernize and grow your business.


Bigger screen, better control
Command transactions and data effortlessly on the VP500’s expansive 5.5” Touch Screen Display. Elevate your interaction, manage tasks, and make informed decisions with clarity and ease.


Masterful menu & inventory control
Effortlessly oversee and update your offerings with the VP500’s Menu & Inventory Management feature. Streamline operations, track stock levels, and introduce new items seamlessly, ensuring your business runs like a well-oiled machine.


Pay-at-the-table power
Transform the dining experience with pay-at-the-table. Empower customers to settle their bills right at their seats, enhancing service efficiency and providing a seamless, satisfying experience.

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Q2 for Pay-at-the table, in-line, curbside & delivery
A powerful combination of application functionality and deployment services

Pay-at-the table, in-line, curbside & delivery


Stay Compliant, Effortlessly
Experience peace of mind with Q2’s Over-the-Air software updates. Your terminal remains up-to-date, always meeting the latest standards, and ensuring your business operations stay compliant without a hitch.


Diverse Payment Possibilities
Unlock a world of payment options with Q2 – from Pin Debit and EBT to Loyalty programs and Mobile Wallets. Seamlessly accommodate a wide range of customer preferences, making transactions smoother and more convenient than ever before.


Cash Discount Empowerment
Boost your business’s profitability with Q2’s Cash Discount support. Effortlessly implement cash discounts, encouraging cash payments and reducing processing fees, ultimately increasing your bottom line.


Reliable Connectivity, Anytime, Anywhere
Experience uninterrupted operations with Q2’s WiFi and 3G/4G SIM support. Enjoy constant coverage and stay connected, ensuring your business never misses a beat, no matter where you’re serving your customers.

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Miura 010

Miura 010 for retail, curbside and line-busting

Pay-at-the table, in-line, curbside & delivery


Elevating Retail Seamlessness
Deliver unparalleled customer experiences with the Miura 010, seamlessly transitioning between countertop and mobile operations, ensuring a smooth and frictionless retail journey.


Tailored to You
Experience ultimate adaptability with the Miura 010’s flexible configuration options. Customize your setup to match your business needs, whether it’s on the counter or on the move, for a POS solution that suits you perfectly.


Harmonious Integration
Forge a perfect partnership with your current Table-Based POS Systems – the Miura 010 effortlessly syncs, ensuring a seamless connection that amplifies your POS capabilities without a hitch.

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Easy Countertop Payments


VL100 for countertop payments
The Ultimate Countertop Solution


Uninterrupted Connectivity
Stay connected effortlessly with Ethernet and Wi-Fi options on the Valor VL100. Enjoy seamless communication and smooth transactions, whether you’re wired in or on the go.


Engage Customers Like Never Before
Unlock powerful marketing potential with SMS Text and Email capabilities on the Valor VL100. Stay connected with your clientele, send promotions, and enhance customer loyalty, all from your reliable countertop credit card terminal.


Secure Transactions, Personal Touch
Ensure security and streamline transactions with Signature Capture on the Valor VL100. Effortlessly capture customer signatures, adding a personal touch while enhancing payment authenticity.


Simplified Bill Splitting
Enhance customer convenience with Bill Splitting on the Valor VL100. Easily divide bills and payments among multiple guests, making dining or shopping experiences smoother than ever, all through your reliable countertop credit card terminal.

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Dejavoo Z11
Dejavoo Z11 for Countertop Payments
A classic and reliable countertop terminal


Seamless Connectivity, Your Way
Experience unmatched versatility with Tri-Comm capability on the Dejavoo Z11. Connect via Dial, IP, or WiFi, ensuring uninterrupted communication and transactions tailored to your preferred mode, for a seamless payment experience.


Embrace Cashless Convenience
Elevate payment options with Dejavoo Z11’s support for Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, Google Wallet, Visa payWave, and MasterCard PayPass. Seamlessly accept diverse digital payments, enhancing customer convenience and modernizing transactions.


Personalize Your Brand
Make your mark with ease—showcase your logo on the screen and print it on transaction receipts using the Dejavoo Z11. Elevate your brand presence and leave a lasting impression on every customer interaction.


Sign with Confidence
Streamline transactions effortlessly with on-screen signature capture on the Dejavoo Z11. Enhance security and provide a seamless customer experience as signatures are captured directly on the screen, ensuring authenticity and peace of mind.

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Dejavoo QD4
Dejavoo QD4 for Countertop Payments
Sleek and modern countertop solution with Android OS


Seamless Connectivity Trio
Stay linked effortlessly with the Dejavoo QD4’s Ethernet, WiFi, and USB options. Enjoy versatile and reliable connectivity, ensuring smooth transactions and unhindered business operations, all in one compact and efficient package.


Secure Convenience Combo
Experience enhanced security and convenience with the Dejavoo QD4’s Internal PIN Pad and contactless capabilities. Safely process transactions using secure PIN entry while also accepting quick and seamless contactless payments, offering your customers a variety of options for effortless transactions.


Lightning-Fast Performance
Experience unmatched speed with the Dejavoo QD4. Its lightning-fast processing ensures swift and efficient transactions, minimizing wait times and optimizing your business operations for peak performance.


Command with Clarity
Harness the power of a large touch screen on the Dejavoo QD4. Effortlessly navigate through transactions and options with a clear and intuitive interface, enhancing usability and ensuring smooth interactions for both you and

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